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Kilograms Creative Tactics, a world-class integrated branding, marketing & event management at local, regional and international echelons offers a multi-layered, concretely planned approach to competitive marketing, design, branding and event aimed at aligning your business strategy, targets, and personal aspirations, and marketing prospects in a unique rainbow of colors lined towards Your BRAND.


We at Kilograms Creative Tactics are not only devoted to continuously improve and enhance our elite services, but also to exceed the customers’ expectations, by meeting their needs, guaranteeing their satisfaction and nourishing their trust as well as loyalty

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An infinitely valuable, diligent, dedicated, and skillfully determined team. Not deterring to the extra mile, or walk the talk to deliver on our promises.

It’s not the concrete, not the chairs, or the tables, it all lays in the identity and personal touch that ignites the spirit of your event. We deliver our promises through thorough planning, creative research, analysis, attention to little details and personal preferences.

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  • Mohammad Qara'een
  • +962 (6) 5815497
  • Mamdouh Sarairah St., Bldg. 46, 3nd Floor, Office 301